We recommend changing the blade every 5-7 shaves or whenever you feel like it may be becoming blunt. Better to change it before you need to to ensure the best shave everytime ! 🤌🏼

You absolutely can ! Some areas you will need to be a little more careful when shaving especially when you first change to using a safety razor . but you'll have the smoothest shave its worth the extra time !

The likelihood of you cutting yourself is the same as when using a disposable razor ! But with anything practice makes perfect. so take your time when first starting out.

Each year it is estimated 2 BILLION (yes billion ) disposable razors will be sent to landfill ! So making the switch to a Quinn safety razor will mean you won't be part of that statistic as the blades are fully recyclable and the body of the razor will last a lifetime or it itself can be recycled if need be . So no plastic and no landfill !

It certainly does ! Due to the single blade this means there is a closer shave and ensures there is no dragging on the skin or hair follicle thus reducing shaving rash and ingrown hairs . It also removes the top layer of dead skin cells making the skin appear brighter and healthier !

To dispose of the blade we recommend using a tin such as a mint tin with a lid to bank up used blades.When the tin is full you can throw the whole tin in the recycling . IMPORTANT to ensure the blades are processed correctly once in the recycling we highly encourage this step above !

Any other Questions? We'd love to help you out ! Shoot us an email and we will be in touch.x