Quinn came about when I went looking for a better more sustainable way to shave. It never sat right with me whenever my razor was blunt that i would just throw it away and replace it with another sub-par razor .
I looked in the supermarket and noticed the lack of options especially in the 'women's" section with zero alternatives. Like many others I would usually shop in the "men's" section of the shaving isle to find a better option. This is when i came across the safety razor it was for shaving beards and was solely marketed to men. The packaging was very masculine and didn't even come with blades! I took it home, assembled it and cut the crap out of myself when trying it for the first time. Like most I accepted that this was the norm and continued to use it as I knew it was a better alternative, but by no means was I satisfied with the results.
After using this product for 12 months I'd had enough and knew that I could do better.
I researched and trialed many prototypes and finally got the razor which was PERFECTION. I trialed this product and even gave my housemates one and after 12 months I knew I had to share this with the world.
When creating the Quinn brand i knew i wanted to not only make moves in the way people shave but also in the way we view our bodies and hair. My passion and long term goal is to change the perception that beauty can only look a certain way and that being kind to the planet is in the too-hard-basket. Quinn is throwing away the beauty rule book, leaving the disposable culture at the door and instead showing you that celebrating your individuality while being kind to the planet is possible (and it’s pretty cool too).


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